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HHM Machinery & Instruments Sdn Bhd
34, Jalan KIP 1,
Taman Perindustrian KIP,
52200 Kepong,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
+603-6277 4216
+603-6277 8920


EINHELL 3/8" Filter Regulator Lubricator

EINHELL Electric Planer RT-PL 82 Spare Part Accessories - Planer Replacement Accessory

EINHELL Rotating Sander (TC-RS 38 E)

EINHELL Cordless Jig Saw TC-JS 18 Li - Solo (With 3 Ah 18 V Battery & Charger + Free 10 pcs Jig Saw)

RM 220.00Add to CartRM 110.00Add to CartRM 450.00Add to CartRM 760.00Add to Cart

TTMC 610mm 3-In-1 Combination Of Sheet Metal Press Brake, Guillotine And Rolling Machine

Soyer Stain Steel A2-50 C.D Stud (50pcs/pkt)

UNIBOR Magnetic Drilling Machine (E35)

TOWER Arbor Press (0.5 - 5 Ton)

RM 4,500.00Add to CartRM 23.50Add to CartRM 6,300.00Add to CartRM 670.00Add to Cart





RM 11.40Add to CartRM 38.00Add to CartRM 21.00Add to CartRM 38.00Add to Cart

TELWIN Battery Charger and Starter ĘC Energy 1000 Start

HUANHU Manual Hydraulic Pump HHB-700B

EINHELL Trolley Jack BT-TJ 2250

TELWIN Induction Heating System: Smart Inductor 5000 Deluxe

RM 6,200.00Add to CartRM 1,750.00Add to CartRM 300.00Add to CartRM 13,600.00Add to Cart

[CLEAR STOCK] SOARTEC 1/4" Hex. Air Impact Driver (WS-303)

[CLEAR STOCK] SOARTEC 1/2" Ultra Duty Air Impact Wrench Twin Hammer Mechanism (WS-2051)

[CLEAR STOCK] SOARTEC 1/4" Hex Air Impact Driver Two Hammer Mechanism (WS-302)

[CLEAR STOCK] SOARTEC 1/4" Hex. Air Impact Driver Two Hammer Mechanism (WS-301)

RM 300.00Add to CartRM 300.00Add to CartRM 300.00Add to CartRM 300.00Add to Cart

WESTLAKE Mini Drilling Machine (Z406C)

WESTLAKE Drilling Machine with Auto Feed System JZB-25(A)

WESTLAKE Bench Drill ZHX13

EINHELL Bench Drill TC-BD 630

RM 3,000.00Add to CartRM 12,000.00Add to CartRM 1,220.00Add to CartRM 1,500.00Add to Cart

[EINHELL] Cordless Drain Cleaner - TE-DA 18/760 Li Solo - 4514160

EINHELL Cordless Mortar Mixer (TE-MX 18 Li ĘC Solo)

RM 1,145.00Add to CartRM 1,030.00Add to Cart  

EINHELL Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (TE-VC 18Li SOLO)

EINHELL Cordless Leaf Vacuum (GE-CL 36Li E-SOLO)

EINHELL Dirt Water Pump (GC-DP 1340 G)

EINHELL Robot Lawn Mower (GC-RM 500)

RM 780.00Add to CartRM 1,720.00Add to CartRM 1,750.00Add to CartRM 4,400.00Out of Stock

Metal Pipe Notcher (PG-1420)

EINHELL Bench Grinder Kit (TC-XG 75)

RM 6,000.00Out of StockRM 500.00Add to Cart  




TAMA Plier Bending & Punching Tool (61202)

RM 8.50Add to CartRM 26.00Add to CartRM 10.00Add to CartRM 600.00Add to Cart

TLP HUANHU Manual Hydraulic Pump (HHB-700A)

HUANHU Hydraulic Cylinder Series HHYG-50100

HUANHU Multi-Stage Hydrulic Cylinder HHYG-20D

HANDIJACK Electric Shop Press HJ0883 100 ton

RM 1,800.00Add to CartRM 1,760.00Add to CartRM 900.00Add to CartRM 28,500.00Add to Cart

DESTACO Straight Line Action Clamps Mounting Plates Series

DESTACO Flat-Tip Long Bonded Red Neoprene Spindle With Jam Nuts

DESTACO Flat-Tip Short Bonded Red Neoprene Spindle With Jam Nuts

DESTACO Swivel Foot Spindle With Jam Nuts

RM 70.00Add to CartRM 15.00Add to CartRM 16.00Add to CartRM 40.00Add to Cart

[TOSO] Hand Winch - JHW Series (0.5 - 3 Ton x Max. Capacity 40 m)

MAGNA CART USA 4 Wheel Folding Platform Truck (Max. Load Capacity 137 kg) - HHM-FF

Aluminum 3 Steps Dual Use Foldable Ladder And Trolley (Trolley Max. Capacity : 60 kg) - HHM-FW-71

NITCHI Heavy Duty Industrial Chain Hoists MH-5 Series

RM 3,980.00Add to CartRM 240.00Add to CartRM 400.00Add to CartRM 10,600.00Out of Stock

EXTECH Compact Pin Moisture Meter (MO50)

EINHELL Bench Drill TC-BD 350 / 630 Spare Part Accessories - Helical Spring

EINHELL Band Saw TC-SB 200/1 Spare Part Accessories - Belt


RM 600.00Add to CartRM 170.00Add to CartRM 90.00Add to CartRM 130.00Add to Cart

OSTLING Short-Term Stencil Printing Customized Own Logo


[EINHELL] Tile Cutting Machine (TC-TC 800 - 4301185)

EINHELL Tile Cutting Machine (RT-TC 620 U)

EINHELL Stone Cutter Machine STR 250/1L3

EINHELL Tile Cutting Machine TC-TC 618

RM 680.00Add to CartRM 2,660.00Add to CartRM 1,800.00Out of StockRM 520.00Out of Stock

[EINHELL] Vacuum Dust Extractor System / Suction Device (TE-VE 550/2 A - 4304156)

EINHELL Electric Leaf Vacuum And Blower (GC-EL 3024 E)

EINHELL Electric Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner (TC-VC 1930 SA Kit)

EINHELL Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner RT-VC 1500 WM

RM 2,000.00Add to CartRM 400.00Add to CartRM 800.00Add to CartRM 750.00Add to Cart

Soyer Mild Steel C.D Stud (50pcs/pkt)

LONG HUA Plastic Pipe / Tube Welding Tools WT-831-63

TELWIN TIG Welder C/W Access-Stainless & Alum 200 AC/DC-HF 400V

TELWIN Water Cooling GRA 90

RM 105.00Add to CartRM 460.00Add to CartRM 11,000.00Add to CartRM 3,200.00Add to Cart

ARMADA 3mm X 25.4mm Tungsten Carbide Tipped Wood Saw Blade

Toolpost Grinder (SC107)

DAEWOO 20" Gasoline Chainsaw Heavy Duty 2 Stroke Technology (DCS5220T)

EINHELL Stationary Belt Grinder (TC-US 350)

RM 70.00Add to CartRM 9,000.00Add to CartRM 320.00Add to CartRM 550.00Add to Cart

(RAMADAN SALES) ARGES Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner HKV-200GS-60 (BUY 1 FREE 1)

EINHELL Woodworking Lathe Machine TC-WW 1000/1 Spare Part Accessories - 6 Inch 4 Jaw Chuck

EINHELL Circular Saw 8 inch (TC-CS 1410)

EINHELL Wet Grinder TC-WG 200 Access Spare:- 180mm Leather Honing Wheel (EIN-49507886)

RM 1,770.00RM 570.00Add to CartRM 570.00Add to CartRM 530.00Add to CartRM 140.00Add to Cart

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